Stories of the Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (Part 1)

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His Life, His Deeds, His Way to Al’lah

– Authored by the Great Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)

– Checked and introduced by the researcher and thinker Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani.

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Table of Contents

  • A Glimpse into the Life of the Eminent Scholar M. Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)
  • The Great Saint
  • The Brave Boy and the Genie
  • Episodes in His Noble Young Life
  • His Incredible Ability with Animals
  • The Compassion of a Child
  • The Adventure of the Little Horseman
  • Importunity ​Punished
  • May Your Hands Be Ever Strong!
  • A Good Lesson Learned the Hard Way
  • Practical Action when Dealing with a Wicked Uncle
  • ​Always Establish the Truth
  • The Night of Valuation (Al-Qader Night)
  • ​Wisdom and Ingenuity.

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