A Glimpse of the Islamic Scholar Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani

Prof. A.K. John alias Al-Dayrani
The thinker and researcher prof. A.K. John alias Al-Dayrani, Verifier & Publisher of Books of the Humane Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)

His light rose on 24 July 1934, and he was lucky to see the light in the Damascene house of his father, a great scholar, Sheikh Mohammad Al-Dayrani (God has mercy upon him), a disciple of the great Sheikh Badrud-Deen Al-Hassani Al-Hussaini (God has mercy upon him), one of the great scholars of Hadith in Damascus at whose hands Professor Abdul-Kadir received a virtuous education full of knowledge. The extent of his learning was such that he left not one of his father’s books unread in his youth.

Before he had completed his secondary education, he met with the scholar, M. A. Sheikho (his soul has been sanctified by Al’lah), and was astonished at his greatest of Godly sciences. He then adhered to him like his shadow for nine years, throughout which he was educated as a scholar. These were years full of great science and knowledge. He finished his secondary education and started university, and got 10 university certificates.

Prof. Abdul-Kadir said:

These certificates have availed me no fact; rather, I got all the facts from my guide, the great scholar M. A. Sheikho. I have got a certificate in Arabic literature, but it has never profited me in philology or in understanding the meanings of language. I know the language with its meanings only from the scholar’s mouth, and this is so concerning the other sciences.

All the books I have published are inclusively derived from the scholar’s sciences, and include facts which have astonished every philosopher and scientist. Certain great sciences and witnessed facts are what I have received and heard from the great scholar’s mouth; I have published them literally, as they are Godly revelations that cannot be attained by human science, even if all humanity assembled to aid one another. They are tangible and actual defiance, before which the sciences of humankind have vanished.

Some of these facts came to light and then removed obscurity; for example, the operation of cupping, which incomparably surpassed medicine when it cured diseases that had been considered incurable by the Arabic, Roman and Greek medical sciences for thousands of years. This has been noticed by millions of people who have applied cupping, and therefore, it is considered a miracle of the present age.

Similar to this is the secret of mentioning Al’lah’s Name aloud over carcasses while slaughtering them, which was discovered by the great humane scholar and has been a mercy presented to the eaters of humanity and to all cattle slaughtered in this way.

In addition, there is what he presented in physics, such as discovering the sources of spring water, an issue which had not been known before by anyone.

Besides this are the great Qur’anic sciences, such as revealing the meanings of the letters with which the Fortresses start, and his wondrous explanation of the exordium (Al-Fatiha) and of the meanings folded under the verse: “Praise is to God, the Provider of the worlds”; and further, the meanings of each verse of the Holy Qur’an (Al’lah’s saying). And there are other sciences of the scholar which contain facts which have not been discovered by anyone before or after him.

Prof. A.K. John alias Al-Dayrani
I hospitably accept any discussion about these sciences: a scientific impartial discussion far from emotions, seeking the truth and the absolute reality freed from any argument, quackery, or falseness.

Prof. Abdul-Kadir wrote a lot of collections through the Qur’anic lessons of his guide, the humane scholar, and he drank a lot from the spring of his sciences. He heard of the scholar’s deeds from those who had witnessed them, just as he himself had viewed a lot of them.

When he devoted himself to guidance and the call to Al’lah, he collected, checked and examined what he had received from his scholar, and then he published these collections in order for their benefits to spread all over the world, in this time when humanity is greatly in need of such science.

The number of books which Prof. Abdul-Kadir Al-Dayrani has checked exceeds fifty-five, and his name has become widely known as being associated with the name of the great humane scholar M. A. Sheikho (his soul has been sanctified by Al’lah).

Prof. A.K.John with group of Doctors
Prof. A.K.John with group of Doctors

He undertook unique modern scientific research about the operation of cupping which the scholar had taught to his disciples from the right holy prophetic tradition, and he became the head of the Syrian medical team who carried out a modern scientific study of cupping, where all the requirements of research and the application of cupping rules were fulfilled under his auspices and with his guidance and consultation at every step. This study has been spread widely all over the world so that many Eastern and Western hospitals have seriously adopted it, and it has become the talk of people and their chief concern because of what astonishing cures have been achieved in this way.

He also did more scientific research to prove the wisdom behind mentioning the statement ‘in the Name of God, Al’lah is Greater’ aloud over cattle when slaughtering them.

This was an astounding modern medical method based on the tests of great scholars of medicine and through which it was confirmed that mentioning the Name of Al’lah results in purifying the cattle’s meat from microbes, saving it from the pain of slaughter, and curing it from the incurable dangerous diseases like mad cow disease and bird plague. This was a subject which had been elucidated by scholar M. A. Sheikho (his soul has been sanctified by Al’lah) through giving his Qur’anic lessons to his disciples.

Damascus- on 4 Sept 2007