“Al’lah Is Greater” Be Kind to Animal​ (Paperback Edition)

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New scientific medical discovery in Islamic method of (Animal slaughter) and without the use of any stunning method

– Authored by the Great Humane Eminent Scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified by Al’lah)

– Checked and introduced by the researcher and thinker Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani.

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ATTENTION, you who seek the truth!
Everything has a form and a reality and the form is nothing without the reality, outward appearances are false and misleading. Islam is a religion of facts. If it were not, it could never have conquered the whole world and controlled it solely by mercy and goodness for more than ten centuries.

Superstition and illusion would not have drawn people and it is a fact that Islamic expansion endures and persists because it is the truth. Each form has a reality, and the reality of pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over an animal about to be slaughtered is that it brings undeniable goodness and to neglect this practice is to commit an egregious evil.

Let us return to the correct way and the right path and always pronounce Al’lah’s Name over an animal about to be slaughtered.

This is far preferable to continuing to commit evil. So, when our Creator, who made animals subject to us, commanded us in His Book – the Holy Qur’an – to pronounce His Name over the animals He gifted us, these loving recommendations were intended only to protect our physical and spiritual well-being.

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